Aislin Quinn

Pronounced "Ash-lin Quinn", founder Trish Moran, named her luxury skincare company after her two oldest daughters. With a background in aerospace physiology and as a plant medicine survival instructor for NATO student pilots, Trish has the perfect background to formulate beautifully natural, beautifully intentional, botanical skincare!

With the knowledge that Trish resides in Texas, we were intrigued by her use of tropical ingredients and exotic names; when we had the opportunity to ask her a few questions, we had to know where she gets her inspiration from:

"Ingredient inspiration comes largely from my background teaching plant medicine in the USAF. I like to focus on seeds, flowers, and fruits because that is really the epicenter of plant nutrition, primarily for the purpose of accommodating new life. A lot of focus on tropical fruits and flowers is the result of how fertile and bountiful the tropical regions of the earth are – as a result they produce amazing and beautiful plants with unique profiles and benefits that really just stir my heart with appreciation. Our new Wailele Phytoactive Hydration Essence, for example, was built around the dragonfruit, which is the primary ingredient. Dragonfruit is the fruit of a cactus, it is so succulent and full of phenolic color inside that I knew intuitively it would be a hydration powerhouse that also offers a ton of nutritional support, so I began experimenting with it as one of the core ingredients of our Phytoactive Hydration Matrix with the goal of bringing, deep and long lasting hydration to the skin. Broadening the hydration spectrum and then combining innovative ingredients with time tested achievers like marshmallow and cucumber means that we are really amplifying what a treatment can do and bringing something really new and sophisticated for the people we serve."

-Trish Moran, Founder of Aislin Quinn