Flower and Spice

I’m Karmen Novak, art lover, science enthusiast, skincare formulator and founder of Flower and Spice.

Though I’ve always loved the outdoors and the sense of calm that would wash over me when I am surrounded by nature, my daily lifestyle hasn't always conducive to health or relaxation. Working in fashion, video production and marketing for nearly 15 years left me feeling depleted: mentally, from working with brands I no longer believed in; physically, from a hectic schedule that demanded still more of my time and spiritually, from being disconnected from my own health, life balance and benefits to the earth.

My Journey to Flower and Spice:
I decided to stop working in the stressful environment I had known for the last decade and a half and to forge a new path that included a passion of mine from a young age: a calm, green lifestyle, surrounded by the flowers I loved and the herbs and spices that I loved to experiment with while cooking. 
After studying organic skincare science at UK-based Formula Botanica— the leading accredited Organic Cosmetic Science School—I fell deeply in love with natural skincare and its overwhelming benefits. I saw firsthand the soft, glowing, calm skin that was a result of using only natural and organic ingredients. This passion led me to start experimenting with different botanicals to develop truly natural products that not only transport the senses through scent and texture but powerfully nourish and care for the skin.

My Vision:
Flower and Spice began as—and remains—a labor of love for the human body and the planet. I created each formula from the beginning to the end to ensure the highest level of efficacy and well-being. I will continue to evolve along with Flower and Spice and bring nature back to your daily life. This is my promise to you.

My Star: 
Midnight Beauty was the inspiration for launching Flower and Spice. While studying organic science, I began experimenting with different oils on my skin, creating one particular blend which I fell in love with due to its gentle, natural scent. However, what I found even more captivating than the way it smelled, was how it improved the look and feel of my skin! After years of using all sorts of products, I finally discovered the secret to waking up with a petal soft, deeply hydrated and smooth complexion. I knew then that this blend was the start of something special—and that I wanted to share this Midnight Beauty with you. 

Listen to Your Skin

Nature is what you are craving: from lush greens that nourish your body to the peace of mind, you feel when you’re outdoors, you recognize a shift in perspective when you connect with the natural world. Trust your instincts. Follow this path to where informed modern science and the wisdom of ancient apothecary masters meet to create the most effective skincare to care for your skin and elevate your mood.

Select Your Skincare Ritual

You can achieve beautiful skin—soft, glowing, deeply nourished—with the Flower and Spice skincare ritual. Crafted with the highest quality, natural and organic ingredients, these formulations blend intoxicating florals and clean botanical essences with therapeutic spices sourced from 45 countries throughout the world.

Trust the Restorative Power of Nature

Tens of thousands of flowers and nuts are harvested, then pressed and ground to extract precious oils and essences that end up in our precious jars and bottles. And, because we know that your body doesn’t need any artificial components, we use only harmless natural ingredients.

Each Flower and Spice creation is dermatologically tested and flawlessly blended with the utmost precision in the high-end Swiss natural cosmetic laboratories. Every product meets the highest physical, chemical, and microbiological quality standards. 

Delight in Flower and Spice

As you indulge in these captivating blends of flowers and spices, allow the stresses of your day to melt away. Inhale the expertly blended, gently lingering aromas; lose yourself in this sublime ritual of self-care. From our pure formulations to our recyclable packaging, allow Flower and Spice to nurture your skin—and the planet.