Lady Suite

Lady Suite is a lady-owned independent beauty and wellness brand for women.

In everything we do, Lady Suite embodies self-love, the full spectrum of health and wellness, and a celebration of our very beautiful (and sometimes) temperamental lady parts. Lady Suite is about progress, not perfection.

Because our lady parts are tucked away, a taboo subject, or even difficult to talk about—love for them often takes a back seat to the rest of our bodies. We want to undo the taboo with more care, conversation, empathy and understanding.

A note from our founder and CEO, Therese Clark.

I created Lady Suite out of my own intimate skin struggles and insecurities that worsened from a thyroid condition leaving my skin dry from face to toe, and everywhere in between, including my skin below the belt. This also made ingrowns, redness and vulva sensitivities almost unbearable. Then, after a laser hair removal session (which hurt like h*ll btw) I wasn't given anything that was lady parts-worthy to soothe and nourish this delicate area. As a seasoned beauty product developer for over 20 years, I decided to create my own.

What started as a skin care journey quickly turned into a self-care journey. Not only were there limited solutions for vulva skin health, I was surprised by the lack of smart, supportive lady parts education and conversation out there. 

This "out of sight, out of mind" attitude toward lady parts just adds to the vaginal taboo at home, in society, and in the personal care industry leaving young girls and women confused, uninformed and in fear. Basically, women don’t know enough about their vulvas and vaginas and that is ridiculous!

I consider vulva/vaginal health the gateway to our overall health. If we’re not comfortable here, how can we be comfortable anywhere? Through Lady Suite, I’m on a mission is to empower women to take care of essential lady business, participate in daily intimate health, replace self-consciousness with self-confidence—and ultimately undo the taboo around vaginal care.

Thank you for believing in Lady Suite and for practicing a broader spectrum of self-care. Your lady parts will thank you too :)

- Therese

P.S. Since I started using Lady Suite, I haven't had an ingrown or an intimate skin struggle in 3 years!

Our Products 

With the help of some of the most knowledgeable skin experts who specialize in women's health, our products are uniquely designed for the properties of intimate skin. 

Made from naturally-derived and organic ingredients, Lady Suite products are designed for skin resilience - hydration and elasticity - to support this high traffic area (think sex, babies, grooming, hormone changes, etc.) in a safe, effective, luxurious, and approachable way. 

Our products are made without parabens, phthalates, synthetic dyes, synthetic fragrances, or known endocrine disruptors. We limit essential oil use due to their sensitizing nature for this delicate area, and use natural or certified organic ingredients from trustworthy sources validated by our lab - a pioneer of clean, natural technologies that is also NSF, EcoCert and certified USDA Organic. And of course, we only test our products on human lady parts, never on animals.