Phaedra Botanicals

Drawing a distinction

100% PURE

Phaedra Botanicals' principal mission is to keep all products 100% pure. Our goal is to seek, find and deliver authentic, sensory-rich, potent natural ingredients that provide unique properties with a good shelf life preventing the need for any additives, such as preservatives and essential oils. We keep our production small to guarantee freshness to our customers who can subsequently benefit from the bio-active properties that gradually decrease through time.

The ingredient used in our Ex Prūnīs Antioxidant Treatment Oil underwent analysis of Mercury, Arsenic, Cadmium, Tin, Nickel, Lead, Antimony and Barium.



We search for partnerships that focus on the elimination of waste through upcycling. During the production of our EX PRŪNĪS Antioxidant Treatment oil, the kernel shells generated during the process of breaking and sorting undergo micronisation and are subsequently used in exclusive organic scrub powders.



Our raw ingredients come from organic farming in southwestern France, where the history of Prunus domestica also used for the production of famous Pruneaux d'Agen reaches back to the 12th century when the Benedictine monks graft the new Damas plums from Syria onto the local varieties and as such cultivated the renowned Ente plums.

More then seven centuries later, France is home to the world's greatest connoisseurs who dedicated their lives to the cultivation of this superfruit.

They offer supreme expertise to the most famed plum oil and Agen prunes - both proclaimed superior to the same fruits cultivated outside of France (see, e.g. The New York Times, Archives, In France, the Prune Holds a Noble Station written by Florance Fabricant, Oct. 31, 2001).


We select raw kernels from organic farming to support the advancement of organic agriculture in France, which has a positive impact on the environment, the welfare of animals, and enrichment of the soil (using solely organic matter). Organic farming forbids any use of synthetic chemicals that can pollute the habitat.

The choice helps to preserve local biodiversity, to promote the return of local predators, and to prevent toxicity in pollinating insects, such as bees that are crucial for pollination, biodiversity and the environment. Our choice helps to increase the number of organic plums in France located in the protected production areas that up to the present day still represent solely about 10% of the total French orchards.


The organic kernels that give life to our cold-pressed EX PRŪNĪS beauty oil go through an unhurried-careful-mechanical pressing that prevents any generation of heat and as such, avoid any loss of valuable active skin nutrients.

The high content of precious antioxidants, such as Vitamin E and Rutin, is thus preserved and can deliver its full benefits to the skin when applied frequently.

The extraordinary expertise during the collection, selection, sorting and pressing of our organic Ente plums give EX PRŪNĪS Antioxidant Treatment Oil its unique characteristics.

It is the combination of all the above and the attention to detail that make Phaedra Botanicals and our EX PRŪNĪS Antioxidant Treatment Oil an excellent and responsible choice for you and your skin.