Strong Women of Green Beauty - International Women's Day 2020

March 08, 2020

It's International Women's Day, which means we have a fabulous opportunity to celebrate each other's strengths & achievements! It is not easy to be a successful boss lady; most of us have children, spouses, and a million other things that pull us in multiple directions hourly! Our struggles come in many forms, and maintaining our identities and a strong sense of self is often challenged. It is so important that we support each other, as oftentimes it is only other women who truly understand our hearts, our weaknesses, strengths, desires and hopes.  

At The Beauty Garden Boutique, we love celebrating women everyday! Why? Because we are amazing! We constantly give so much of ourselves and ask for so little in return; unless its skincare, then we ask for a lot (I am totally overgeneralizing here and should only speak for myself. Can I get a witness?)

My affinity for green beauty exists primarily because I find this to be a place where women have such a powerful and supportive presence. My desire to be surrounded by women who are intelligent, passionate and genuine is fulfilled here daily. This is something I find lacking in the conventional beauty space, but I digress.

The women of green beauty are resilient because green beauty is not an easy place to exist. It is new, competitive and it takes someone with a lot of heart, perseverance & enthusiasm to thrive.

Most brand founders begin their journey into clean beauty because of a personal hardship and they have an undeniable calling to create something healthy, something better, something that is life-changing. They have such a heart for others and pour themselves into their brand & formulations as an expression of that love and selflessness. 

 Today is an opportunity to showcase some of the amazing women behind the brands that we love. The brands that are transforming our skin, and uplifting our spirits everyday. These women inspire us to be resilient; they are each unique, creative, strong, adored; they are lovely. 


Aislin Quinn

Trish Moran

Trish Moran Founder of Aislin Quinn - The Beauty Garden Boutique

Being a formulator to me is first and foremost about bringing something of real quality, that is both effective and experiential to our community, and knowing that for many, this is the moment of self care, of centering, of restoration. It's a sacred space that our treatments are entering, because so many draw inspiration and rejuvenation from this moment. So more than anything, I create everyday with the intent to make that moment the most elegant it can be, from an uncompromising commitment to top quality ingredients to creating a true sensory experience at every step, so that each treatment creates true beauty and elevation. - Trish

Trish is a busy mother of 4 (her youngest is just 2 years old!), yet she somehow finds time to make every product to order and even labels her own bottles! Trish is passionate about entrepreneurship and is always ready and willing to give her time and attention to help others achieve their goal of running their own business. Trish sets a strong and beautiful example for her daughters of what women can accomplish when they work hard, believe in themselves and follow their dreams.  

Blüh Alchemy

Becky Blüh 
Becky Bluh Founder of Bluh Alchemy - The Beauty Garden Boutique
The most inspiring and endless source of joy for me has been connecting with our customers and hearing their stories about the positive effects our products have had on their skin. Nothing beats receiving pictures from people who, after years of dealing with acne scars, have seen them fade away after using our line. It’s beyond gratifying! - Becky

 Becky has one of the most caring souls and makes everyone she comes in contact with feel like family. Her giving spirit is evident in the care and love she gives to her daughter Cami and in her constant interaction within our community. Becky's generosity has manifested itself in her products by using Cellular Extraction, which allows a plant’s complete phyto- active profile to be present in each bottle. If that isn't the ultimate expression of love & generosity, I don't know what is.

Earthwise Beauty

Ava Zhan
Ava Zhan Founder of Earthwise Beauty - The Beauty Garden Boutique
In my work, I become inspired by exceptional plant ingredients. Unique, alive, unrefined herbs, oils, butters, or artisanal essential oils are not easy to come by. This is something very difficult to convey through text or images: when we read about blue tansy in a product, we end up thinking all blue tansy is the same, but in reality blue tansy can be awful or a wonder. This high level of quality in a single ingredient is often enough to make a formula soar. These special formulas speak a language that is nonverbal, they merge with the skin and our psyche as if they always belonged there. Every time I get distracted by refined isolates from cosmetic labs, the excitement is short-lived and shallow in comparison to the passion that I feel when working with the special grade herbs and oils. -Ava

Ava is not only one of the most meticulous formulators when it comes to sourcing her ingredients (that subject requires its own blog post), she is also always thinking of her customers first. Whether it is creating a product or regimen for the needs of individual clients, making sure her customers receive the freshest products possible or waiting 5 years before she releases a new ritual that has been perfected, Ava is a true servant of her trade and we are so fortunate to have her wisdom in this space.

Flower and Spice

Karmen Novak
Karmen Novak Founder of Flower and Spice - The Beauty Garden Boutique
 I get inspired by cooking with spices (love to experiment, love how potent they are, and how good they are for us) and flowers because I live in The Netherlands where we have an abundance of flowers everywhere. - Karmen

Karmen is the ultimate modern woman, taking time to run her rapidly-growing and successful business while also being mindful of the quiet moments and maintaining her sense of peace. She teaches us to seek harmony between our mind and body on a daily basis & seek balance between our busy lives and finding time to rest and recharge. Karmen has created the Woman 2 Woman Campaign where she asks strong women thought-provoking questions that highlight what they have done to maintain a sense of self while achieving great success. Karmen encourages us all to share what inspires us with the hashtag #woman2womanFS.

Heart of Gold

Ally Draizan
Ally Draizin Founder of Heart of Gold - The Beauty Garden Boutique

One thing that inspires me is the complexity of the human body. It’s amazing how everything is interconnected, and everything we do and feel influences our body in subtle ways. Everything, down to our cells, is fascinating to me. - Ally

Ally's creative genius is apparent in her formulations and she pours her heart into everything she does. She has a gift for finding magical ingredients and turning them into rituals that are so unique, they spark a moment of awe and wonder in the person who is using them. Ally is selfless and resilient in her desire to share love, compassion and gentleness with us and believes strongly that we are already beautiful as is. 

Lady Suite

Therese Clark
Therese Clark Founder of Lady Suite - The Beauty Garden Boutique
 What inspires me most is helping other women feel better. Whether it’s through our brand, products or helping other women in business or personal endeavors. I’ve had women in my life who’ve really been present and actually went above and beyond to help me. Unfortunately I’ve also had the opposite. I think the opposite happens because those women haven’t had help or have been burned. I have a close knit circle of women - sisters, friends and colleagues who keep me in check, inspire me and remind me of my intention and purpose. Otherwise, life would be a lot harder! - Therese

Women's Health is still a taboo topic, and discussing it on social media often  makes us feel awkward & vulnerable. Therese is constantly pushing the boundaries, inspiring us to challenge the social norm with her healthy products that are formulated for a woman's vulva. Her work in the feminine hygiene arena is truly innovative and she deserves to be applauded for her courage.


Alexis Saccomani
Alexis Founder of LILFOX - The Beauty Garden Boutique

I am inspired everyday to create a unique beauty range that not only delivers incredible results with safe earth-born ingredients but also allows our clients to elevate the time they spend in 
self-care to a new level of sensuous connection and pleasure. My collection is an invitation for the most decadent beauty rituals that will deliver amazing results and out of the ordinary, aromatic experiences. A personal, artistic touch for your daily beauty rhythms. - Alexis Rose

Alexis Rose is a fierce woman who does things her way when it comes to her brand & artistic expression. She has an innate ability to make us feel vibrant and alive with her expertise in aromatherapy (have you smelled CUPU-COOL!?) and with her vibrant imagery. Madame Fox is such a beautiful reminder of what it means to express ourselves freely and in return feel energized and fulfilled.


Joy Ekhator
Joy Ekhator Founder of Lovinah Skincare - The Beauty Garden Boutique
My kids inspire me. I find inspiration in what they do, everyday; but also as both a very passionate consumer and former computer programmer, I was able to spot a gap in the market. I wanted to build a range of beauty products to celebrate women, making them feel and look good, while targeting various skin concerns. - Joy
Joy is the ultimate Boss Lady and Mamaprenuer. When she isn't busy building her empire, sending us all love on Instagram, hand-pouring jars of Blue Butterfly or writing incredibly in-depth & scientific IG stories, she is spending entire days on the baseball field or volleyball court with her 3 children. She has a natural affinity to mentor & empower other women and has hosted 60 women's workshops since 2015. I am in constant awe of all she is able to accomplish daily (does this woman sleep?) and I am personally proud to call her "Mama Joy". 


Me Time Botanicals

Kara Reich
Kara Reich Founder of Me Time Botanicals - The Beauty Garden Boutique

I found it challenging to find 'me time' and put myself last on the list constantly. I felt overwhelmed, overworked and insecure about how I looked, my story needed to change.  After many tear-filled sleepless nights, I realized that if I was going to show up as my best self, it was important to fill up my own cup first. I know so many women who feel the same on a daily basis and they inspire me to show up everyday. - Kara

Kara has such an easy way of making you feel like you are her best friend and neighbor. As a young woman Kara had her uterus removed and just recently underwent surgery to remove her ovaries and fallopian tubes as well. She is such a vision of strength and has been so generous and brave to share her journey with us on social media. Kara empowers other women to be open about their own health and imperfections & is relentless in her quest for us to slow down and find "Me Time".


Nadine Ammari

Nadine Ammari Founder of Namari Skin - The Beauty Garden Boutique

What inspires me... nature in general, but especially the sea and beaches and fields and forests of Ibiza. The greatest ideas for Namari, my life and a not yet revealed project I am working on came to me on that island. The 400 year old farm house and barn we live and work in is also an inspiring environment. Then motherhood, my clients and surely the internet. - Nadine

Nadine encourages us to connect with our bodies on a deeper and sensual level, using skincare as a medium to do so. She empowers us to take time and use our own hands to show our bodies love and appreciation daily. For Nadine, skincare is not just a product with benefits, it is grounding, uplifting, stress-reducing, and the ultimate & true expression of self-love. 

Natural Wisdom

Maeve Smith
Maeve Smith Founder of Natural Wisdom - The Beauty Garden Boutique

The short answer to this question [of what inspires me] is ‘Love’. With all my heart and soul I wanted to create skincare products made and infused with love, from love and for love... I have long believed that in the making of something new, we shouldn’t harm our beautiful planet and this is where the dream to be a low impact, low waste organic brand came from. Natural Wisdom is a part of the cycle of love. - Maeve 

Maeve is a pioneer when it comes to eco-luxury skincare and her multi-faceted approach is awe-inspiring. She never cuts corners and is always striving to achieve a trifecta: a product that works and works well, a product that includes only sustainable ingredients & a product that has little to no waste or plastic. Maeve is wise when it comes to her craft and is another huge contributor to green beauty in every aspect. 

Rachel's Plan Bee

Rachel Nájera

Rachel Najera Founder of Rachel's Plan Bee - The Beauty Garden Boutique

 My inspiration for all things RPB comes from my mom who is no longer with us. She had a love for baking and made the most delicious desserts. I frequently draw from my past experiences with her in the kitchen and often create scent blends and textures that remind me of her. - Rachel

Rachel's story constantly reminds us to "embrace unexpected journeys and celebrate the tender moments — the little things — that are the foundation for a heart-made life". Her own son Ric, was born with special needs and is the person behind Rachel's Plan Bee. Everything that Rachel creates feels so full of love and care. Every product is such a gentle reflection of Rachel's heart, brimming with deeply-nurturing, loving and healing ingredients. Coupled with the most decadent dessert-like scents, they heal our skin and nurture our spirit.


Today is International Women's Day, it is a day to celebrate all of our achievements as women. 

It is my desire that The Beauty Garden Boutique be a place of inclusivity, a place of mercy and grace, a place where everyone feels uplifted and part of a supportive tribe. Whether you are a brand founder, customer or influencer, our beauty is more than skin-deep and together we can achieve so much.

Let's continue to spread light & celebrate women everyday. 


Erika Arriaga

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So honored to be in the midst of these powerful women. May we continue to empower each other. Happy International Women’s Day 💕

Joy March 08, 2020

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