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February 25, 2020

Sometimes, you feel an immediate affinity towards a brand or product. There is no explanation, just a strong pull and longing to experience something that calls to you at your core.

This was my experience with Natural Wisdom, a beautifully luxurious, yet eco-friendly range that is handmade by the sweet and thoughtful Maeve in Hampshire, UK.

I'm not sure why there was an initial attraction, but something about Maeve's rituals called to me. The rich colors, luxurious textures; maybe it was the uniqueness of her shampoo & conditioner bars? Regardless, the moment I discovered Natural Wisdom on IG, I knew I had to be a part of it. As I began looking through content and posts on Instagram, I quickly learned that Maeve has very loyal fans who rave about Natural Wisdom, and with good reason.

Note: One of my main goals in creating is to offer gorgeous skincare from all over the world, and to make these brands more accessible to people, especially here in the U.S. Often times, I go to order a product from overseas, and the shipping costs just as much as the product itself. Of course, you can find Natural Wisdom on Etsy, but that also comes with substantial shipping costs. I am here to change that.

So, I took a big leap of faith and placed a wholesale order after only trying her Vitamin C & Papaya Liquid Enzyme Exfoliator. When the first package arrived I was smitten. Typically I am a sucker for luxurious packaging, crisp boxes, heavy glass bottles with gorgeous, clean writing. Natural Wisdom is different, it's raw, it's thick printed labels wrapped in paper and cardboard. And yet, there is something so luxurious about the entire experience that you have to experience for yourself. Holding each bottle in your hand, you can feel how much knowledge, wisdom, time & attention went into it. This is not your farmer's market skincare. This is artisinal, finely crafted skincare at its...well, finest! 

You can read all about Maeve's background on our product pages, but I want to highlight something important. Maeve does not cut corners. She has the upmost passion when it comes to providing products that are first and foremost eco friendly. Natural Wisdom offers some of the most minimal packaging with the least amount of plastic that you will see in this space. Second, she handcrafts skincare, haircare and bodycare in only a way that she is completely satisfied with. Maeve takes her time to try as many different, sustainable ingredients to create the exact product that offers results and the best when it comes to feel, scent and overall experience. This is why every ritual from Natural Wisdom isn't just good, it's great.

I consider myself a consumer first, and I don't offer anything on unless it is a product that I love and believe in. Here is some of my feedback on a few of the Natural Wisdom's products I use:

Lamu Facial Cleansing Bar

Perfect for men and women, this facial cleansing bar is exactly what I dreamed it would be. It has a beautiful, bubbly lather and smells of vanilla. It lasts forever, and I can't stop reaching for it! I use this bar mostly as a second cleanse and use it over my eyes with no sensitivity. It does a great job of cleansing without stripping the skin and feels really gentle.

The feedback I hear most from this bar is that it is the perfect gentle cleanse and somehow offers a light exfoliation that is a wonderful surprise and added benefit.

Blue Jungle Shampoo & Body Wash Bar

I was really hesitant to try a shampoo bar. I have tried natural haircare before that was drying and really added no benefit. This is not one of those bars.

It lathers well and cleanses perfectly. The bar is soft because of the butters and feels rich and heavy in your hand. Apple Cider Vinegar offers just the right amount of shine, and because it cleans my hair so well, I feel my hair has more volume and less flakiness. I can go longer between washes (although I don't because I'm so excited to shampoo with this bar!) and I honestly don't require as many styling products.

I think everyone who has purchased a shampoo or conditioner bar is hesitant in the beginning and with good reason. The feedback I hear is phenomenal and everyone is surprised at how much they love these bars! It is a huge benefit that these shampoo and conditioner bars are plastic-free and travel-friendly, but people love them because they work!

Grapefruit & Lemongrass Shampoo & Body Wash Bar

This one is very similar to the Blue Jungle Shampoo & Body Wash Bar in terms of lather & results. The smell is very vibrant and lovely. It feels equally as soft and moisturizing, but interestingly enough, shea nut butter is listed a little lower on the ingredient list? You'll have to tell me if you notice a big difference.

Both bars are great for use as a body wash as well. They moisturize the skin and the lather seems to be endless. The fact that it is a multi-functional product is another bonus!

Grapefruit & Lemongrass Conditioner & Shave Cream Bar

Regardless of which shampoo bar you choose, you need this conditioning bar in your life. I am blow away with how much this moisturizes my hair! Sometimes, a conditioner will feel nourishing until I rinse it out, and my hair is left feeling like straw. With this bar, my hair is perfectly conditioned and the softness does not rinse away. It smells identical to the Grapefruit & Lemongrass Shampoo & Body Wash Bar and instead of lathering, it gives off a beautiful cream when rubbed between your hands. It also seems to last forever!

For shaving, it is equally as beautiful. Instead of coating the skin with a goopy, slippery mess, it just conditions the hair and skin perfectly for your razor. 

Deep C Antioxidant Enzyme Cleanser & Facial Mask

I have only begun using this cleanser (typically as a second cleanse in the morning) and I am really enjoying the experience and scent. This light blue powder turns into a deep blue-speckled lilac when activated with water. There is a very fine grit which feels perfect to exfoliate daily & I am really becoming enamored with the scent of the clays used in these powdered masks. It smells similar to the Flower and Spice Beauty Masquerade Mask (maybe it is the Kaolin Clay?) and also has a hint of fruitiness from the rhubarb, pineapple & papaya enzymes. I will happily continue to use and experiment to understand the full effects of this enzyme cleanser and facial mask. 

Natural Wisdom is really a unique range that deserves a lot of credit for what they do. Being eco conscious and creating products that are luxurious is no small feat. I applaud Maeve for her passion and for offering us something so unique and so beautiful. Thank you Maeve 💕

Written By Erika Arriaga

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