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Pomegranate & Carrot Oil Gel Facial Cleanser


A deeply nourishing oil gel (to milk) cleanser that attracts and traps oily grime and makeup dissolving it and lifting it away leaving your skin feeling clean and fresh with no greasy residue.

100% FREE from detergents, artificial fragrances & essential oils

Carefully chosen active, natural ingredients highly concentrated as a source of antioxidants, vitamins and essential omega fatty acids that help to protect, nourish and repair dry, parched, sensitive & reactive skin.

Special affinity: Dry skin & skin that is sensitive and reactive to essential oils and fragrances. Sun damaged skin and mature skin prone to hormonal dryness.

An intensely indulgent fusion of organic CO2 extracted raw seed oils of Pomegranate and Carrot together with raw organic, food grade Coconut oil and our CO2 extracted raw botanical extracts of Rosemary, Calendula,  Chamomile soothe and calm your skin.

The Ritual

1) Apply a small amount to DRY skin and massage thoroughly allowing the vitamin and antioxidant rich ingredients to penetrate the skin and begin to loosen makeup and daily grime by grabbing and trapping it...

2) Wet your fingers and massage again until a creamy lotion is formed and then finish by cleansing once again with a hot cloth.

Follow with our Antioxidant Vitamin C Toner or our Vitamin C Treatment Gel and finish by applying our Antioxidant Moisturizer or Antioxidant Treatment Oil.

Skin tips:
 If your skin is very reactive and sensitive you can further protect your acid mantle by-

- limit how many times you cleanse to just once in the evening and use a warm flannel to cleanse in the morning.

- Consider using our unscented antioxidant oil instead of a moisturizer, this is because organic seed oils are very compatible with skin because of their tiny molecular weight and size.

If your worried that applying oil will make your skin greasy, you can train your skin by beginning with a small amount and applying a very thin layer. Exfoliating twice weekly with a our gentle liquid exfoliator, will enable your skin to become more open and receptive to oil and moisturizers.

- If you have very dry, sensitive skin, our antioxidant oils which are very rich in all the known essential fatty acids can significantly help.

The Results

Skin is protected, supple & clean.

    The Experience

    This gentle cleansing balm has a bright naval-orange color and has a soft, almost non-existent spicy aroma.

    Skin Types

    Formulated for all skin types, especially very dry, very sensitive & reactive skin.


    *Punica granatum (Pomegranate) seed extract, *Cocus nucifera (Raw Coconut) oil *Daucas carrota (Carrot) seed extract *Sweet almond kernel oil, *Orange flower water, Glycerin, Sucrose laurate, *Rosemary leaf extract, *Calendula flower extract *Chamomile flower extract.

    *96.4% certified organic ingredients.

    Product Details

    Full size: 50 ml 

    Vegan. Alcohol & Gluten free.

    Handcrafted in Hampshire UK

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